...this is architecture

Size: 1000x1500mm
Medium: digital print on satin
Exhibited: Euston Undeground Station
This piece of art was created by the artist as the base drawing for his thesis design project; to develop a new inhabitable barrier for the River Thames.

As the result of an intensive and creative drawing process, it is through this piece of art and the tactics of Mis-architecture that a holistic approach to the many aspects of architectural design and technology was formed. It combines the artist's broad vision and narrow focus to formulate the composition of new materials while simultaneously exploring the broader applications in building and design.

The project was geared towards collaborating with other industries to invent new materials and construction processes that would ensure that the next barrier for the Thames is not a wasted opportunity.

The piece was comissioned in celebration of the artist winning the Royal Institute of British Architects South East Student Award.



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