Portentous Progressions: Layer Roof Study

Size: 250x250x200mm (each box)
Medium: Laser-cut Engravings
Exhibited: Royal Academy of Arts

The objective of Portentous Progression was to carry out an intensive and creative drawing process, the result of which was to invent new architectural and urban approaches to a contemporary urban subject by using the production of drawings and models to generate ideas and speculative ideas for architecture.

The artist was commissioned to design and present a series of new ‘contemporary ornamented’ roofs for the client’s courtyard (the fish-bowl). The Layer Roof Study represents phase two in the portentous progression.

By taking the series of ornamental base drawings and siting them, the studies were constructed as scaled design models. Each box was presented with the base drawing pattern engraved into the sides of the box to convey to the client the essence of each design.


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Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2008Study #1Study #2Study #3Study #4





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