Metropolitan Eastminster Series

The Interpretor
with Anthony Greiveson

Exhibited: Paris School of Architecture

48% vs 52% the duality of a nation

Was there a right answer?
Are all brexit-ers ignorant? Were they lied to?
Are all re-moaners de luded? Were they scaremongering?

With such a decisive decision, one requires a decisive monument. To be successful and accepted by all, it needs
to appeal to both the leave and remain camps. How is this possible, and how does one make a statement about their political and social viewpoint whilst also creating a monument to which can also be celebrated by the opposing
side? Our answer is, The Interpretor.

The V sign, is a polarising human statement created with one’s hand. Its multiple, simple and subjective meanings, depend entirely on context, orientation and a deliverer and receiver.

Conceptually derived from the structures of pylons, the monument appears to approach in slow motion as the train speeds past, scalable from a sculpture in a courtyard to a giant in the distant landscape. A structure of bolted steel angles is chosen for ease of fabrication, and could be assembled as a community project.

The project was shortlisted for construction by the Paris School of Architect in an international competition held in Janauary 2018.

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The piece was featured on the comedy Astragal pages of the Architects Journal thanks to recent speech by Boris Johnson - titled Brexit is not a V-sign from the cliffs of Dover.

The Interpretor

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The Interpretor - A Brexit Monument MemorialThe Interpretor - A Brexit Monument MemorialThe Interpretor - A Brexit Monument MemorialSubmission BoardThe Architects Journal












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