Metropolitan Eastminster Series

or in the dream of a dream

Size: 1000x1000x2700mm
Medium: Timber, plaster and steel
Price: POA

RWA, Bristol - Allegory Exhibition

The Tower Bridge lighthouse stands as a beacon at the intersection of the glistening eastern sea, the great western wood, the radiant southern sun and the clear northern sky.

 Lighthouses are there to warn you and stop you from getting too close, but like a lamppost in the dead of night, they also light the way home. 


Text below from the exhibition - Allegory by curator Fiona Robinson PRWA

From our earliest encounter with picture books through to sophisticated political cartoons we have all learned to interpret hidden meanings in images. Throughout history artists have used, Allegory, as a tool to convey hidden layers of meaning, which are often moral or political. 

A significant message of this exhibition is that of displacement and human struggle. These artists speak of journeys and tangled webs of history and despair, but also hope. The artworks are hugely emotive and focus on the issues created by war, famine and economic distress that are currently absorbing our attention as thinking feeling human beings. 

Many of these works are personal.Karl Singporewala connects the magical tale of Narnia to his own children using Tower Bridge in London as his entry point.   

Artists have always commented on current affairs and political events and their interpretations allow them and their viewers to digest them and search for answers. Confronting our demons makes them less frightening and allows us to move forward with hope for the future. 



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or in the dream of a dream at RWA, Bristol-or in the dream of a dream-or in the dream of a dream-detail-detail










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