Absorption Light Strategy: Deformation Histories
in collaboration with
Jonathan Talley and Louise J Knights.

Size: 700x1000mm
Medium: Print on Paper
Limited Edition of 8

Exhibited: Royal Academy of Arts ________ Pocklington Gallery
________ Burt Brille Carden Show
________ La Galeria, Pall Mall

Deformation Histories is a response to the future redundancy of the Thames Barrier, which is set to become ineffective by the year 2030. The piers form a gateway which actively dissipates the wave-intensity and height of a tidal surge before it reaches the barrier.

The project – the result of a thorough synthesis of detailed research methods (archival, study trips to The Netherlands and external consultant consultations) and speculative drawing techniques – invests architectural ideas in the city at a strategic and infrastructural level, posing questions of scale left normally to the rationale of civil engineers. The drawing is the subject, object and site of the work articulating the project at a range of scales that zoom from 1:50,000 to 1:20 in the complex, varied and immaculately presented set of final drawings.

This piece is part of the artist’s Deformation Histories thesis that was used to win the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) South East Student Award, the Nagoya University of Arts Excellence in Art and Design (Japan), 1st prize in Art and Architecture from visiting Professors from the Seoul National University (Korea) and a Best of Show Brut Brill and Carden Award at the Brighton Art and Design Exhibition.


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* Has been exhibited in the Royal Academy of Art, London.


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