Symphony on the Water: Deformation Histories
in collaboration with
Jonathan Talley and Louise J Knights.

Size: 1000x500mm
Medium: Digital Print on Satin
Limited Edition of 8

Exhibited: Royal Academy of Arts ________ Pocklington Gallery
________ Burt Brille Carden Show

Each pier is a large auditory volume of crystalline gothic-inspired echo chambers with a dynamic core that expands/contracts by absorbing surrounding water. This constantly changes the internal surface and auditory qualities of the chambers. Through this absorption/dispersion cycle sound is created and reverberated, becoming a warning system for London by creating a symphony on the water.

This definitive perspective shows the project in context at night when the tide is high and the colour intensity of the crystalline gothic chambers is at its most prominent; illuminating Metropolitan Eastminster as a visual spectacle on the River Thames.



You can view other pieces in the series:
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* Has been exhibited in the Royal Academy of Art, London.


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