Size: 115x115mm
Medium: Engraving on card
No.# Editions: 100

Created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Theatre by the Lake, Keswick Cumbria. Karl was invited to submit a piece to feature in the anonymous exhibition along with the likes of other artists and Royal Academics; including Andy McDonald, Marj Bond, Sir Alan Ayckbourn, Sir Ian McKellen, Prunella Scales and more.

All pieces carried the same price and only at the end of the exhibition was anonymity lifted and revealed to the purchaser; which drew some very pleasant surprises and more than pleased collectors that had cast a keen eye!

The laser engraved design Anon2 carries a similar composition to Roof Study Box #1 from the Portentous Progressions Series. The depth and quality of the engraving provides a translucent elegance when held up to the light.

Recommended to be framed with glass to both sides. Each edition is numbered and signed by the artist.

First edition sold.


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Anon2Anon2Anon2Anon2Anon2 Exihibition Flyer




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