News reel Archive 2010 to current:

Artwork receives special audio description
December 2023

A thousand eyes above five hundred smiles has received a special audio description at the RWA.
Words and voice by Helen Jacobs.

Desgined to assist partially sighted visitors, you can listen to the whole audio description by scanning the QR code next to the work in the exhibition or by clicking here.

A video version of the description has been created here on Instagram.


Blind and Partial Sight tour of RWA Exhibition
December 2023

Karl would like to thank Sarah Kelly and Ellen Pye for inviting him along for their described gallery tour of the RWA Open Exhibition for blind and partially sighted adults. Karl also brought along a table of prototypes and offcuts for everyone to touch and feel, which ultimately made for a more haptic experience.

Please contact the RWA if you would like to be included in future described tours at the Academy.



Crawley Schools Show & Tell talk for teachers
November 2023

On the 10 November 2023, Creative Crawley organised a talk at Theatre Centre's new creative hub for Crawley based teachers and Arts Council England to hear about Karl's experience of the creative industries including routes into Fine Art and Architecture.



New podcast released for Theatre Centre
November 2023

Karl and Max's episode of the Crawley Stories podcast is now live on Spotify, Apple and other services. An experience walking around Tilgate Park Crawley unscripted discussing life, death and memory.

Listen to all the podcasts here


RWA Secret Postcards revealed
November 2023

The Royal West Academy of Art Secret Postcard Auction ended on 9 November! Congratulations to the RWA for raising over £90,000 from this great annual event. All proceeds go to the academy and the amazing work they do.

Karl is now able to reveal the three pieces he contributed to the auction. Congratulations to the lucky bidders.


New commision for Theatre Centre
October 2023

Karl has been commisioned by Theatre Centre, Creative Crawley and Creative playground to create a new artwork which celebrates the release of Crawley Stories and Theatre Centre's new home. During the launch event, all the commisions were revealed, including works by musician Anna Howie, flo poet Woodzy, spoken word artist Alfo the poet, theatre maker Rob Watt and artist Social Fabric's Sarah Pimenta.


Event photos of the launch by Ian Greenland



Home - New exhibition at The Department Store, Brixton
October 2023

Karl's work The city's yours has featured in a new exhibition at The Department Store, Brixton. Curated by Rebecca Tucker, Jill Desborough and Eves Eveson. On until the 29 October.



Mayor Royal BID reveals new comission
October 2023

Manor Royal BID, Creative Crawley and Creative Playground hosted a reception at Gatwick Production Studios to celebrate "Where arts, culture and business collide". During the event the concept for Karl's new public comission near Gatwick Airport was unveiled. The sculpture will be installed on Mayor Royal in the Summer 2024.



Karl appointed to RWA Academicians Council
October 2023

Karl has been appointed to the RWA Academcians Council.



Book review in Building Design Online
March 2023

Karl has reviewed a new book - Encounterism The Neglected Joys of Being In Person. Drawing Attention: Architecture in the Age of Social Media by Andy Field.

Read in review in Building Design

Urban life really does require human interaction, Field explores this with child-like passion, and helps remind us that remote-desktoping your life is not life at all. As human-beings with over 14 unique senses, just remember that Zoom/Teams only caters to two of those senses.

When you work on buildings together, these projects can take years to complete. We must not lose sight of working with people we love working with… Therefore, meet in person, share those experiences, get hungry together, get hot/cold together, share in each other’s pains, radiate, share in joy, confidence, awkwardness, nervousness, and everything else that defines what it is to exist on this planet – together.

Book available from all bookstores.



Sussex Contemporary at i360 Brighton
October 2023

An edition of Jamnitzer's Corporium and Connubial Collider have been selected for a new exhibition in Brighton, UK. The exhibition runs until the 21 October 2023.



Varnishing Day celebrations 2023
September 2023

Karl would like to thank the entire team at the Royal West of England Academy of Art for the fantastic 2023 varnishing day celebrations. Further thanks to all the artists for travelling from around the country and beyond to celebrate the opening of the exhibition.

Special thanks to Fiona Robinson PRWA and Alison Bevan.

Click the photo below for an Instagram reel of the day


Sculpture curation at the 170th Annual Open RWA
August 2023

Karl with (L-R) Olive Haigh, Ben Rowe, Dallas Collins RWA and Nik Ramage RWA - 26 August 2023 curating the sculpture selection for the RWA 170th Annual Open Exhibition.


ritchie*studio releases new book - Renewal Architects
July 2023

Renewal Architects by Ian Ritchie, plots the decade long project (2013-23) to readapt, reuse, reimagine and renew the industrial heritage of the Farsons Brewery in Malta into a complex offering of food, drink, business, museum and leisure.

Karl was involved in with the project between 2013-17 from competition stages until the start of construction at Ian Ritchie Architects (now ritchie*studio). The book launch was celebrated in Malta at the newly completed Brewhouse and Trident Park, which was opened by the Prime Minster and Archbishop.



From Artcan with Love - Annual Exhibition
July 2023

Home is wherever I'm with you (2023) a new stainless steel etching by Karl has been exhibited and auctioned at the Bermondsey, London Project space in the annual From Artcan with Love exhibition.



Artwork selector at 170th Annual Open Exhibition
June 2023

Karl has been nominated as one of this year's academician selectors for the RWA's 170th Annual Open Exhibition. This year the selection panel will also include Charmaine Watkiss and Meryl Ainslie together with RWA Academicians Fiona Robinson PRWA, Dallas Collins VPRWA, Lucy Austin RWA and Angela Lizon RWA.

Deadline for entries is 5 July 2023.


Karl and the RWA have issued a press release encouraging architectural submissions.

You can read the full statement here


Photo from RWA 169 Annual Open Exhibition



Street Life - New exhibition at RWA
June 2023

Kar's artwork The city's yours (2023) has been selected to feature in a new exhibition in the RWA Kenny Gallery, Bristol which runs from 20 May - 23 July 2023.

Curated by Stephen Jacobson and Malcolm Ashman, exhibiting artists include: Iain Biggs, Vera Boele-Keimer, Peter Clegg, Dallas Collins, Gerald Cains, George Ferguson, Ros Ford, Trevor Haddrell, Moira Huntley, Juliette Losq, Ian Middleton, Simon Quadrat, Mike Richards, Barrington Tabb, Lucy Willis, Stephen Jacobson and Malcolm Ashman

Street Life runs alongside the new Arts Council England supported exhibition - Found Cities, Lost Objects: Women in the City.





Half a million raised for architecture charity Article 25
May 2023

Congratulations to Article 25 on raising over half a million pounds over the last 11 years with their charity art auction.

Karl would like to thank everyone who has attended, supported, bid and bought artwork for all the auctions over the years. Special thanks to Article 25 team, Adrian Biddell and Art Installation Services.



Karl's Article 25 10x10 Collection 2011-2023

A glance by any other street would look as sweet (2011)

He who shall hurt the little wren (2012)

Retail Heaven (2013)

Franklin's Morals of Chess (2014)

Till death us do part (2015)

The Guns of Brixton (2016)

Lilibet's Legacy (2017)

Postcards from the edge (2018)

Another place, another time, another fish and chips (2019)

The Hawksmoor Collection (2020)

The Emancipation of The Buxton Memorial (2021)

40 under 40 (2023)


Arts Council England exhibition celebrating Sussex artists
April 2023

"What do Marvel movies, Florence and the Machine, Frieze, the Royal Ballet, Live at the Apollo, and the Royal West Academy of Art all have in common? The answer is, they all include practising creatives who were either born, raised, or are based in Crawley, West Sussex."

Creative Crawley with support from the Arts Council England created this exhibition, to showcase just some of the talented people who were born, studied, live, or work in the area.

The audience experienced images of local DJs, musicians, theatre makers, and visual artists to name a few, and listened to a specially commissioned soundscape by local musician Enkay Rockson and poet and rapper Woodzy.

Special thanks and congratulations to producer Louise Blackwell and the Creative Crawley team.

Exhibition showcase included: Abdollah Nafisi, Abigai Conway, Annie Bowden, Chloe Bond, Daniel Li, Enkay Rockson, Grace Saif, Helen Fraser, Laura Kojo, Paul Cree, Rob Watt, Romesh Ranganthan, Saaj Raja, Sarah Maple, Sarah Pimenta, Slow Time Mondays, Woodzy and Karl Singporewala.

Click here to see the new directory here, with many more local talents


Photo by Rosie Powell


Photo by Rosie Powell


Karl Singporewala with Poet/Rapper/Story teller Paul Cree and international visual artist Sarah Maple



40 under 40 donated to charity auction
April 2023

Karl has created a new sculpture for the Article 25 charity auction to be held at The Bindery, Hatton Gardens, London on 4 May 2023. Click the photograph for more information.



Book review in Building Design Online
March 2023

Karl has reviewed a new RIBA Publishing book - Drawing Attention: Architecture in the Age of Social Media.

Read in review in Building Design

“This book is a launch-pad into a world of architectural illustration and a short-cut through the rabbit warren of Instagram… a world-wide group of individuals who are absolutely smashing architectural illustration. Individuals, who in true acts of camaraderie, are showing you how they are doing what they do”



New pieces added to the catalogue
January 2023

Happy new year! New base model (manifesto) for 2023. More collaborations, more comrades, more listening, more sharing.

Milities circum mensam


Elected Royal Academician at the RWA Bristol
December 2022

Karl is proud to announce that he has been elected as an RWA Academician at the Royal West of England Academy of Art, Bristol UK.

Thank you to everyone who visited the candidate exhibition at the Kenny Gallery between October-December 2022 and special thanks to all of the academicians who voted.

Ian Chamberlain RE, artist and printmaker was also elected at the same time as well as two new honourary academicians Gareth Fisher PRSA and Dr Alice Roberts FRSB.

Karl joins a select list of current architect academician's at the RWA, including Sir Nicholas Grimshaw, Tom Russell, Mike Richards, Sir Donald Insall, George Ferguson, James Bruges and Peter Clegg.




Gaia: Queen of Spades TLC Charity auction 2022
November 2022

Karl has donated a new artwork for the charity Transplant Links Community TLC. 100% of the proceeds from the auction will go to the charity and the wonderful work they do. TLC's goal is to train surgeons and doctors in low- and middle-income countries to carry out kidney transplants so that the lives of many people with kidney failure can be transformed and saved.

Karl is one of 54 artists selected to create an original piece for a deck of cards. He created the Queen of Spades. The maquetry piece is made from Cherry, Koto, Oak, Sapele, Swiss Pear and Indian Rosewood. The auction takes place on 2 December 2022.

Click here to visit Ewbanks auction house website and view (and bid) on all the amazing pieces which have been created for this exhibtion.



ING Discerning Eye Exhibition 2022 at the Mall Galleries
November 2022

Karl has two pieces on display in this year's ING Discerning Eye exhibition at the Mall Galleries near Buckingham Palace. The exhibition runs from 11 to 20 November and online until 31 December 2022.

Many thanks to the judges and curators:

Alison Bevan, Kate Enters, Gurinder Chadha, Aindrea Emelife and Ansel Krut.



New article in Building Design on Karl's early years art career
October 2022

Karl would like to thank BDonline for inviting him to write an article on his early years in the world of art and its intrinsic link to architecture



Judging regional entries for the Civic Trust Awards 2022
October 2022

Karl will be judging a number of London buildings for the Civic Trust Awards 2022. Other judges include Mark Rowe Principal of Penoyre & Prasad, Robert Armstrong Associate at CGL and Suzanne Tate Founder of Studio-To.




Architecture Today Webinar
September 2022

Karl would like to thank Architecture Today and Schueco for being invited to talk about our award winning residential and retail project in the heart of Marylebone. Click the link to read the article and view a recording of the talk and Q&A.

Many thanks to Ruth Slavid who moderated as well as the other presenters Holly Gallbraith of Niall McLaughlin Architects and Murray Levinson of Squire & Partners.





Connubial Collider - Coming together
September 2022

One of four new pieces to be exhibited in the new Kenny Gallery (candidates exhibition) at the Royal West of England Academy of Arts - 8 October 2022 to 8 January 2023.



Research studies into Wenzel Jamnitzer and polyhedron
August 2022

A marker in Karl's current research work on polyhedron, perspective, time and witnessing.



Studies for a new civic building
July 2022

New series of study base models for a civic build, each made from flat sheets of Indian hand-made cotton rag.



Stinkhorn Soparo a new monument
July 2022

Karl's latest work, a photoetched stainless steel maquette that draws from a number influences, but most notably the Parsi ses soparo.



Double architectural award win at Schueco Excellence / Architecture Today Awards 2022
June 2022

Karl is proud to have been involved in two Schueco Excellence Award winning projects. Commercial winner for Sussex House by ritchie*studio and Adaptive Reuse and Refurbishment winner for The Marlo by Barbara Weiss Architects. Congratulations to all team members involved!



Marylebone residential project featured in Building Design
June 2022

Ben Flatman, Building Design Magazine Architectural Editor, reviews The Marlo by Barbara Weiss Architects. Click the image below to read the full review.


Marylebone residential project reviewed by Bob Allies in Architecture Today
June 2022

The Marylebone High Street residential and retail project by Barbara Weiss Architects has been reviewed by Bob Allies of Alllies and Morrison for Architecture Today. Click the image below to read the full review.


The Clitterhouse Pavilion at Brent Cross
May 2022

Every architect at some point in their career designs a pyramid structure for a competition. This was Karl's in 2022 for Brent Cross, may it rest in piece(s).


Enliven - New permanent mural for hometown library
April 2022

Karl has been commissioned by Creative Crawley to create a a new permenant mural at the children's entrance in Crawley Library. Click here for pictures of the unveiling of Karl's most colourful artwork to date.



TLC produces Art book with King of Spades
December 2021

Transplant Links Charity has celebrated all the artists that featured in their charity auction TLC Deck of Cards Vol.II. This beautiful artbook feautures the work by Karl (King of Spades) as well as amazing pieces by the following artists:

Baroness Floella Benjamin DBE, Grayson Perry CBE RA, Frank Bowling OBE RA, David Mach RA, David Shrigley OBE, George Underwood, Elsie Owusu OBE RIBA, Lemn Sissay MBE, Ade Adesina, Dan Hillier, Michael Foreman, Lizzie Riches, Anthony Frost, Sean Jefferson, Lou Tonkin, Hannah Kokoschka, Katie Ponder, Jennie Jewitt-Harris, Vanessa Gardiner, John Howard, Peggy Cozzi, Aimee Jewitt-Harris, Jackie Berridge, Jaci Foster, Deborah Westmancoat, Sue Munson, Clare Mackie, Jan Marcello, Soraya French, John Nolan, Alexander Vorobyev, Robert Fitzmaurice, Colin Mier, Bridget Moore NEAC RBA RWS, Stephen Ling, Riannon Evans, Sonja Burniston, Louise Body, John Hainsworth, Karen Marks, Chris Gilvan-Cartwright, Joe Coleman, Nana Shiomi RE, Jem Stevens, Annie Boisseau RBA, Hazel Partridge, Alan Cotton, Christine Stark, Remy Nurse, Daniel Jennings, Susie Perring, Emma D’Arcey.



The Emancipation of the Buxton Memorial
November 2021

Karl has created a new work for the architecture charity Article 25's annual flagship art auction 10x10. This piece reimagines the Buxton memorial (currently located in Victoria Tower Gardens, next to the Houses of Parliament) at a greater scale, more fitting of the liberation it celebrates. Congratulations to the lucky bidder and to the Buxton family.


Residential project featured in new video by the Modern House
September 2022

Barbara Weiss has recorded a tour of BWA's recently completed WIltshire House for The Modern House. In the space of a few weeks, the video has amassed over half a million views. See the completed project here.


William Morris Studies and
From Artcan with Love
- Postcard auction
June 2021

Research study and commision looking at the techniques by Pre-Raphaelite and Arts & crafts artists. The result was a series of engravings in walnut for use in joinery units.

Karl has donated one of these studies, an engraving on canvas, to the annual Artcan postcard auction.




Residential project featured in The World of Interiors
March 2021

BWA's recently completed house in WIltshire has been featured in the pages of World of Interiors.


Exhibition at D-Contemporary Gallery for Artcan
February 2021

An edition of La fleche de Notre-Dame Etude has been selected and hung at the D-Contemporary gallery in Mayfair, London. The exhibition runs until the 18 June.



Doppel Communion wins RWA Art Prize
December 2020

Karl's new work, Doppel Communion, has won the inaugural Black Asian and Minority Ethnic Art Prize at the Royal West of England Academy of Art at this year’s open exhibition. Many thanks to the judges and team at the RWA. The exhibition opens 2 January 2020.

Editions are available for sale direct from the Royal West of England Academy of Art until the close of the exhibition.




The King of Spades - TLC Charity Auction
December 2020

Karl has created a new unique art work for a charity auction to raise funds for Transplant Links Community. 54 artists and celebrities have been selected each to create a artwork based on a deck of cards. To his delight, Karl was given the King of Spades.

The piece is to be auctioned live on Friday 11 December online by Ewbank's Auction House from 9.30am.

Register to bid here



The Hawksmoor Collection
September 2020

For this year's Article 25 10x10 art auction Karl created a series of brass etching studies of the front elevations of Hawkmoor’s six churches designed and built as part of the 1711 parliament Act for the building of Fifty New Churches in the Cities of London and Westminster or the Suburbs thereof. The auction raised over £34,000 for the charity. Congratulations to the lucky bidder.

Editions available for sale




Rose Vitrine Studies
March 2020

New small affordable studies for sale.



Charity Auction for new work at RIBA
November 2019



Two pieces at Royal West Academy Open 167
October 2019




La flèche de Notre-Dame de Paris
June 2019

Karl's new piece La flèche de Notre-Dame de Paris is to be featured in the entrance foyer of the Royal West Academy of Art to coincide with a new major exhibition charting the history of fire in British art from 1692 - 2019.

Originally created as study piece with Anthony Grieveson, the sculpture is a to-scale depiction of the spire at Notre-Dame in Paris which was destroyed by fire in April 2019.


The exhibition Fire: Flashes to Ashes will run from 15 June - 1 September 2019. Other artists included in the exhibition include:

Roger Ackling, William Bankes Fortescue RWA RBA, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham CBE RWA Hon, Siân Bowen, Sophie Clements, John Cleveley the Elder, John Robert Cozens, John Collier OBE RP ROI, Mat Collishaw, Stephen Cripps, Jeremy Deller, Toni Davey RWA, Michael Faraday, Stanhope Alexander Forbes RA RWA, Douglas Gordon, Ralph Hedley RBA, Susan Hiller, David Inshaw RWA, John Latham, Aoife van Linden Tol, John Martin, Anthony McCall, Nadège Mériau, John Minton, Catherine Morland, David Nash RA, John Nash CBE RA, Rachael Nee RWA, Cornelia Parker OBE RA, Sarah Pickering, James Pimperton, John Piper CH, James Baker Pyne RBA, Eric Ravilious, Claude Rogers OBE RWA, Aura Satz, Godfried Schalcken, Samuel Scott, Rolinda Sharples RBA Hon, Tim Shaw RA RWA Hon, Stanley Spencer CBE RA, Emma Stibbon RA RWA, Marianne Stokes, Graham Sutherland OM, J. M. W. Turner RA, Karl Weschke, Joseph Wright of Derby ARA.


Architecture will be the death of me
February 2019

Architecture will be the death of me is a new sculpture made from acrylic and wax.

Click the image for more information.



Postcards from the Edge I & II sold at auction
December 2018

An edition of Postcard from the Edge I and II has been sold at auction for the charity Article 25. The piece was exhibited and sold at a live auction held at Twenty Two Bishopsgate London. Congratulations to the lucky bidder.



TLC Playing Cards for sale
November 2018

You can now purchase a deck of playing cards featuring all the art works produced for the TLC chairty auction. Highlights include Grayson Perry's Joker, Quentin Blake's King of Hearts, Dan Hiller's King of Diamonds, Katie Ponder's Queen of Hearts, Remy Nurse's Seven of Clubs and a painting by Patrick Stewart for the back of every card.



The Bus Scenario at Royal West Academy of Art (RWA)
October 2018

An edition of The Bus Scenario is being sold and exhibited at the Royal West Academy of Art (RWA Bristol) until December. Karl is proud to be exhibiting along side longtime friend and collaborator Jose Garrido.



Ace of Diamonds - TLC Charity Auction
August 2018

Karl is to design an art work for a charity auction to raise funds for Transplant Links Community. 52 artists and celebrities have been selected each to create a artwork based on a deck of cards. To his delight, Karl was given the Ace of Diamonds.

Others included in the exhibition and auction are:

Grayson Perry CBE RA, Sir Patrick Stewart OBE, Sir Quentin Blake CBE FCSD FRSL RDI, Baroness Floella Benjamin, Joanna Lumley OBE FRGS, Bear Grylls, Jake and Dinos Chapman, Lizzie Riches, Dynamo Magician, Yinka Shonibare MBE RA, Dan Hillier, Annie Boisseau RBA, Ade Adesina, Mick Rooney RA, Deborah Westmancoat, George Large RBA RI, Anthony Frost, Jackie Berridge, Carole Griffin RBA, Bridget Moore Sen RBA NEAC RWS, Celia Cook, Clare Mackie, Holly Frean, Christine Stark, Francesca Centioni, Sonia Martin, John Nolan, Aimee Jewitt-Harris, Fraser Crawford, Nana Shiomi, Robert Fitzmaurice, Emma D’Arcey, Anastasia Lewis, Hazel Partridge, Jem Stevens, Richard Galloway, Tamsin Relly, Fiona Bradford, Sophie Molyneux, John Renshaw, John Hainsworth, Martin Ridgwell RE, James Faure-Walker, Peter Rasmussen, Vanessa Gardiner, Sue Munson, John Howard, Peggy Cozzi, Katie Ponder, Jennie Jewitt-Harris, Sharon Drew, Martin Leman, Remy Nurse, Lars Fassinger, Alexander Vorobyev, Hannah Kokoschka, Sasha Mataya, The Baron Gilvan, Brendan Neiland, Ian Chamberlain, Peter Randall-Page


The piece Karl has created will be exhibited at Ewbank's Auction House from 8th - 12th October. The live auction will proceed at 7pm on the 12th October.



Core and Shell at The Prince's Trust for INTBAU
June 2018

Core and Shell has been exhibited and sold at the The Prince's Trust INTBAU exhibition on London Identity in association with the London Festival of Architecture 2018. All proceeds will go to the charity.



Boris Johnson, Brexit is not a V sign from the cliffs of Dover
April 2018

The Interpretor has been featured on Astragal pages of the Architects Journal thanks to recent speech by Boris Johnson.



The Jubilee Stations at OLQOH
March 2018

Fifteen art works created by Karl and 300+ pupils at Our Lady Queen of Heaven Primary School in West Sussex to celebrate their 60th anniversary. Click image for more photographs.



The Interpretor - A Brexit Monument / Memorial
March 2018

Karl and Anthony Grieveson have been shortlisted for the international Brexit Monument (Memorial) competition organised by the Paris School of Architecture.



New Beckenham Canopy Design
February 2018

With collaborator Anthony Grieveson, Karl has designed a new canopy for Beckenham Green in Bromley.



Dissemination for Amsterdam Lighting Festival
January 2018

Karl has been helping sculptor Tim Morgan produce an entry for the 2018 Amsterdam Lighting Festival. Dissemination uses glass rods and fibre optics to transmit light / shadow / messages from one location to other.



Lilibet's Legacy to be auctioned for charity
December 2017

For 2017's 10x10 Article 25 charity auction Karl was asked to create an artwork based around the London Olympic site which includes the Queen Elizabeth Park. Karl's sculpture, Lilibet's Legacy will be auctioned live following an exhibition at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) headquarters.



New work at the Camden Image Gallery
November 2017

The Bus Scenario - a new sculpture by Karl will be for sale at the Camden Image Gallery in London, UK during the month of November. The exhibition will be organised by ArtCan and curated by artist Kate Enters.



Exhibition at Saatchi Gallery London
September 2017

Karl will be exhibiting four pieces of work at the Saatchi Gallery London until 17th September 2017. His work will be represented by the Saphira & Ventura Gallery New York and will be hung along side pieces by Keith Haring, Suzi Fadel Nassif and Neil Kerman. Visit Gallery 2 to see his work.


Franklin's Morals of Chess (Ruby)



Palmyra Unbuilt, Syria



Architecture aims for Eternity



Dial M for Monument



Double win at the RICS Awards 2017
May 2017

Karl and iRAL are delighted that the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour at UCL has been awarded the 2017 RICS Project of the Year (London) Winner and is also winner of the RICS Design throught Innovation Award 2017.

The judges described the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour as highly rational, very efficient and beautifully detailed. The judges expressed the design to be highly adaptable, but also attractive to the world’s leading scientists to come and work there. They also said that the laboratories are a unique combination of facilities, for theoretical and experimental scientists to work collaboratively, and are the result of intensive research.

Click here for the press release

RICS awards 2017


IABSE 2017 - Published work
April 2017

Karl has co-authored and published his first paper at the IABSE 2017 Conference in Bath. Based around 'Creativity and Collaboration'.

Titled - Translucent Pre-fabricated Structural Cast Glass: A new unitised U-channel assembly, he will present at the IABSE Conference 19-20th April which is focused upon instilling imagination and innovation in structural design. He will describe a new type of structural cast glass assembly with high thermal performance, good light transmission and acoustic rating that forms a large part of the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre facades. The assembly represents an innovation in large unitized U-channel cast glass elements that have been fabricated and sealed off-site and installed on site in modules.

IABSE karl singporewala




Malta Farsons project at MIPIM
March 2017

The listed Maltese Brewery project Karl leads on at iRAL - Farsons Business Park and Old Brewhouse will be showcased at MIPIM 2017 in Cannes as part of the UK Department of International Trade Pavilion.

Farsons Brewhouse

Photo: Trident Business Park and Farsons Brewhouse - model by iRAL


The Guns of Brixton
November 2016

For this year's 10x10 Article 25 charity auction Karl was asked to create an artwork based around the area of Brixton, London.The Guns of Brixton is what he produced.

The piece will be auctioned on Tuesday 29th November during an exhibition at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA HQ) Portland Place, London.

To date, Karl's art work has raised over £10,000 for the chairty.

Other artists raising money for Article 25 this year include: Anthony Gormley, Rafael Viñoly, Eric Parry, Ed Cullinan, Wolfgang Buttress, Norman Ackroyd, Ian Ritchie and many others.

Click the image below to find out more about this year's piece:




Palmyra Unbuilt selected as a 'highlight' of RWA exhibition
October 2016

Palmyra Unbuilt, Syria has been selected as a top 10 highlight from this year's RWA exhibition in Bristol. To read the full article at Epigram, click the image below.




Double win at the LEAF Awards 2016
October 2016

Karl and iRAL are delighted that the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour at UCL is the 2016 Overall Winner of the Leading European Architecture Forum (LEAF) Awards and also winner of the LEAF Façade Design & Engineering Award.

LEAF Award winner

Winning trophies from the LEAF awards are beautiful vases designed by the late by Dame Zaha Hadid



BCI Major Building of the Year Award Winner 2016
October 2016

The Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour at UCL has won the major construction prize at this year's British Construction Industry (BCI) Awards.

The judges comment: “Poetic and pragmatic, a very worthy winner” –
Karl and the iRAL team is proud to celebrate the 2016 BCI Major Building of the Year Award (over £50m) with all those involved. A great team effort.


BCI awards

Karl Singporewala with Ian Ritchie, Gordon Talbot, Chris Russell and the rest of the SWC team



Royal West Academy, Bristol 2016
September 2016

An edition of Palmyra Unbuilt, Syria will be exhibited at the Royal West Academy, Bristol until the end of November 2016.

work in progress palmyra




Architecture Room, Summer Exhibition 2016
August 2016


Palmyra Unbuilt and Devlin's Piers in the Architecture Room at the Summer Exhibition 2016



Royal Academicians Louisa Hutton and Ian Ritchie



Palmyra Unbuilt and Devlin's Piers in the Architecture Room at the Summer Exhibition 2016



Royal Academy of Arts, Summer Exhibition 2016
June 2016

Karl has had two pieces selected for the 2016 Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition:

Palmyra Unbuilt, Syria and Devlin's Piers.



Palmyra Unbuilt, Syria (2016)
April 2016

One of Karl's current projects at Ian Ritchie Architects is the masterplan for the Old Royal Naval College in Greenwich. It's a UNESCO World Heritage Site in London. Working on site and falling in love with the buildings by Wren and Hawksmoor got him thinking about all the UNESCO world heritage sites he has not yet visited in the world.

"one day I would love to see them all"

Sadly, one such UNESCO site in Syria was largely destroyed during the current civil war; 2000 years of history just swept away.

"It's another one of those occasions where I struggle to vocalise how it makes me feel... so I made something"




SWC at UCL featured on Architecture Today
March 2016

Sainsbury Wellcome Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour at UCL just made the front cover of March's issue of Architecture Today. You can read Peter Cook's review of our building here.

Architecture Today



Devlin's Piers (2016) - Revisiting Deformation Histories
February 2016

First shots of Devlin's Piers added to catalogue. More information soon.

Devlin's Piers



Article 25 raises £51,000 in 10x10 artist auction
January 2016

Huge congratulations to the highest bidder of Till death us do part. Selling for £1,700.00, Article 25 raised a total of £51,000.00 on the night at the RIBA on Portland Place, London. The money raised at 10x10 London 2015 will support Article 25’s healthcare building projects in the developing world.


10x10 London 2015


Article 25 Burkina Faso




Till death us do part
November 2015

For this year's 10x10 Article 25 charity auction Karl was asked to create an artwork based around the Tower of London. Till death us do part is what he produced.

The piece will be auctioned on Tuesday 1st December during an exhibition at the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA HQ) Portland Place, London.

Other artists raising money for Article 25 include: Anthony Gormley, Rafael Viñoly, Eric Parry, Ed Cullinan, Wolfgang Buttress, Norman Ackroyd, Ian Ritchie and many others.





GQ Magazine Top 12 artworks at Royal Academy
July 2015

GQ Magazine article lists Franklin's Morals of Chess (Jade) as one of the top 12 artworks you need to see at the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2015!

Click the image below to see the other 11 pieces rated by GQ Magazine, including great works by Royal Academicians and artists like Grayson Perry RA, Conrad Shawcross RA, Jim Lambie, Michael Craig-Martin RA, Tracy Emin RA, Cornelia Parker RA, Tom Philips RA. Celebrity artists Harry Hill and Una Stubbs as well Jean Samtula whose journey to the summer exhibition feautured in the BBC Summer Exhibition Show this year.

Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, Picadilly London, runs until 16th August 2015.


GQ Magazine



NLA Event: What is London made of?
June 2015

Karl presented a quick fire Pechakucha for New London Architecture at the Future Materials and Systems stand, Vision London, Olympia London. The format first divised by Toyko based architects Astrid Klein and Mark Dytham consists of 20 images at 20 seconds each. Karl's presentation was on the Sainsbury Wellcome Centre UCL façades, an Ian Ritchie Architects Ltd project with facade contractor Frener Reifer.



Both images above © Agnese Sanvito - Please see New London Architecture flickr album for all pictures


Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2015
June 2015

Celebrating another year in the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition, Karl follows the success of previous years with his new design studies; Ramascapes on Thames I & II [catalogue no. 326] and Franklin's Morals of Chess (Jade)  [catalogue no.428].

The Summer Exhibition is open to the public from 8th June until 16th August 2015.

Ramascapes on Thames I & II

Ramascapes on Thames I & II


Franklin's Morals of Chess (Jade)

Franklin's Morals of Chess (Jade)


Ernest Race BA2 reassembled for Charity Auction
May 2015

A team at Ian Ritchie Architects (Ian Ritchie, Brian Heron, Andrew Hum and Karl Singporewala) have taken an Ernest Race BA2 Chair and transformed it into an aeroplane to be auctioned off for the chairty The Art Room.

Over 90 artists will have their 'chairs' displayed in the atrium at Selfridges, Oxford Street London. Each 'chair' will be sold to the highest bidder through online auction house Paddle8 from the 22 May, with all proceeds going to The Art Room. There is also a live auction on the 9th June.

The venture is ...a collaboration between Fair & Co and The Art Room, which offers art as therapeutic intervention for children facing challenges in their lives.

Ernest Race’s chair design was done in 1945 right after the war. Wood was scarce at this time and the British Government encouraged manufacturers to use new materials that were more available – like aluminium – which was plentiful due to the decommissioning of weapons and aircraft.

At IRAL we have reconstructed the chair and essentially turned it back into an aircraft! The piece is made entirely from the BA2 race chair components with zero off cuts!

IRAL resemble

BA2 IRAL resemble

BA2 Chair Selfridges



Corrgregation Canyons on display in Crypt Gallery
May 2015

From 14th May till 22nd May 2015 you will be able to see the complete set of Corrgregation Canyons: Atria Etude at the Crypt Gallery under St Pancras Church, Euston Road London., This will be the final resting place of the Lumen world tour!

Vaults under St Pancras Churc h



Interior Architecture and Design Final Crits @ AUB
April 2015

Karl was invited to participant in the final year crits of the Interior Architecture and Design degree course at Arts University Bournemouth. The external critic panel consisted of Karl Singporewala, Rebecca Graaf (Senior lecturer and programme leader for Interior Design MA at De Montfort University), Frank Peters (Chief Executive of the Chartered Society of Designers) and Vanessa Brady OBE (President and founder of Society of British and International Design).
The Interior Architecture team at AUB have surpassed themselves this year in the quality of the work produced. We wish all the students that presented on the day the best of luck in their future carreers!



Abigail Duke - Ventnor Haven Fishery & Restaurant



Jason Jones - PRE-EMPTIVE Disaster Shelter



Lily Rose Phillips - The Temple Experience



Lucy Jones - Healthcare Centre for Post Tramatic Stree Disorder



Transparence de Triomphe on display at FCA Canary Wharf
February 2015

As part of the Lumen Prize, Transparence de Triomphe and Dial M for Monument will be on display in the foyer of the FCA at Canary Wharf until November 2015.


FCA exhibition


FCA Exhibition


Article 25 raises £115,000 at 10x10 London Auction
December 2014

Huge congratulations to Article 25 for raising £115,500 at the 10x10 auction this year. Also, special thanks and congratulations to the winners of Franklin's Morals of Chess. The winning bid of £6000.00 was a fantastic contribution to the amazing work that Article 25 do throughout the world.

You can read more about the event here, along information on the other amazing pieces by Anthony Gormley, Norman Foster, Norman Ackroyd, Renzo Piano and many more.

article 25 auction 2014


Franklin's Morals of Chess

November 2014

Sotherby's will be auctioning Karl's latest piece Franklin's Morals of Chess at this year's Article 25 10x10 charity auction at the Shard, London on Thursday 27th November.

Click images to find out more about work.






Lumen Global Tour
October 2014

Lumen's 2014/15 tour will open on October 7th at Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff before moving on October 8th to the brand-new Cardiff School of Art and Design, Cardiff, Wales for the Winners' Ceremony. It will then take off  to Greece where it will be installed in the Onassis Cultural Centre in Athens, followed by a show at the Auditorium on Broadway in New York City, as well as venues in Amsterdam and London.

The Lumen Prize Exhibition is installed on large-scale screens, PCs, and high-definition projectors at all of its venues. Many works are also shown in print form or as interactive displays. At each venue, the Lumen exhibition supports local and international charities as well as engages with audiences and artists through symposia, seminars, and similar educational outreach. It aims to share the curation of its shows with art collleges and to collaborate with local artists through 'open call' events wherever possible.



October 7: Winner's Preview at Llandaff Cathedral, Cardiff, Wales, UK.

October 8: Winner's Announcement & Show, Cardiff School of Art and Design, Cardiff, Wales, UK

October 22: Lumen Digital Art Symposium, Onassis Cultural Centre, Athens Greece

October 31 - November 30 : Onassis Cultural Centre's Lumen Show, Athens, Greece

November 6: Lumen Highlights Show in Canary Wharf, London. For tickets, please email

December 2-5, 2014: Lumen Show at New York's Auditorium on Broadway, New York Institute of Technology, NYC

December 3, 2013: Lumen Prize Digital Art Panel Discussion at School of Visual Arts, NYC.

January 16 - 31 , 2015. Lumen at Art 'otel Amsterdam.

March 2015 - Lumen in London at Ravensbourne and Birtkbeck, Dates to be announced.



HIX People's Choice Award 2014
September 2014

Karl has won the HIX People's Choice Award at the Cock 'n' Bull Gallery and was also placed 2nd in the judged catergory.

Many thanks for everyones support and votes!


Mark HIX, Karl Singporewala and Tracy Emin at Cock 'n' Bull Gallery, Shoreditch, London.

The judges of the HIX Award 2014 were:

Mark Hix, Tracey Emin, Ivan Massow, Gemma de Cruz (Saatchi Art & Music), Charlie Phillips, Katie Heller, Keir Mcguinness, Edward Lucie- Smith, Stephen Webster, Steve Edge, Brian Boylan, Rob and Nick Carter, Chris Kneale, Mark Inglefield and Miranda Donovan.



Work selected for prestigious International Lumen Art Prize
September 2014

Karl's atrium studies, Corrgregation Canyons: Atria Etude, have been selected for the International Lumen Art Prize 2014. The pieces were feauture in an online gallery of 100 works, which were then be shortlisted down to 25 pieces. They will tour the world 2014 / 2015 in a showcase of digitally created art work.




Interview in Hunger Magazine
August 2014

New interview with Karl in Rankin's Hunger Magazine. Click here to read the article




Interview on the Aesthetica Blog
August 2014

New interview with Karl for Aesthetica. Click here to read the article




HIX Award finalist - Exhibition at Cock 'n' Bull Gallery
August 2014

Karl and his piece Dial M for Monument has been selected as a finalist for the coveted HIX Award by the Cock 'n' Bull Gallery in London. This year’s HIX Award will be judged by Mark Hix, Tracey Emin and Gemma de Cruz (Saatchi Art+Music) amongst others, with the award its self having been designed by Damien Hirst.

An exhibition of the 20 finalist's work will be on display at the Cock 'n' Bull Gallery beneath Mark Hix's Tramshed restaurant in Shoreditch London during august 2014.

There is also a people's choice award which is currently running on facebook. To vote you must 'like' the photograph of the art work you like best. Artist with most 'likes' will win.



Dial M for Monument will be exhibited at the Cock 'n' Bull Gallery, Shoreditch London during august 2014. Editions available for sale direct from the gallery. Click here to see all the finalists



The HIX Award. Designed by Damien Hirst.



The Tramshed. Restaurant by Mark Hix with the Cock 'n' Bull Gallery beneath. 32 Rivington Street, Shoreditch, London.



Final crits @ Arts Univeristy Bournemouth
April 2014

Karl was proud to be invited, along with Society of British and International Design (SBID) president Vanessa Brady OBE, to serve as external critics for the final year degree students at the Arts University Bournemouth. The students on the Interior Architecture and Design course dished up a multitude of projects ranging from buildings and luxury yachts to theatre props and art installation extravaganzas. Impressive work from the future 2014 AUB alumni.



Photographs by Sonia Nicolson -Senior Lecturer @ AUB. Search LAYOUTLINES for more information.


Aesthetica Magazine feature
April 2014

Images and artist feature in issue 58 of Aesthetica and also 2014's 100 Comtemporary Artists








Transparence de Triomphe
March 2014

First look at new work. Editions available from June 2014.


Transparence de Triomphe



Aesthetica Art Prize 2014
January 2014

Karl has been selected for the Aesthetica Art Prize 2014 longlist.

The Aesthetica Art Prize is an annual award given by the international art and culture publication Aesthetica Magazine. Distinguished by its dynamic content, merging compelling critical debate and stunning images, the magazine engages with all aspects of visual art and culture, attracting an audience of over 140,000 worldwide.

The Aesthetica Art Prize is considered a celebration of excellence in art from across the world.



Article 25 - 10x10 London - Auction Night
December 2013

Congratulations to the winning bidder of the artwork Retail / Heaven at this years Article 25 10x10 London auction.

Article 25 is pleased to announce that this year’s 10x10 event raised over £90,000! Their most successful 10x10 yet and we could not have done it without everyone's support.

The Charity would like to particularly thank their sponsors;
Barratt London, Sotherby’s, Think Tank, Kings Cross Estates, Art Installation Services, Service Point UK, GHA Group, Wilkins Kennedy, Place Careers, British land, M8 Events, Paul Davis + Partners, Honey & Thyme, Assael, Hoare Lea, iCITY, Grain Store, Pernod Ricard, Canary Wharf Group and YS Associates.




Royal West of England Academy of Arts 161st Exhibition
November 2013

Canopic Playgrounds has been selected for this year's Royal West of England Academy of Arts 161st Exhbition. 14 Editions are available for sale directly through the RWA.




Retail / Heaven - 10x10 London
October 2013


Karl has again donated a one-off art piece to charity Article 25 for this year's 10x10 London exhibition, titled
Retail / Heaven. The piece is based on the boundary of Spitalfields Market and Christs Church in London. For more details about the exhibition, auction and all the wonderful pieces of art donated by artists and architects please visit the 10x10 London Website.

The piece will be sold at auction on Thursday 28th November at 1 Granary Square, KIngs Cross London. Please visit the 10x10 London website for tickets and information.

Text from Article 25 website:

"This year’s 10×10 is set to attract some of the world’s most renowned artists and architects and is titled ‘Where the Bow Bells Chime’, after the notion that to be a true East Londoner you must be born within earshot of the Bow Bells in St-Mary-le-Bow church."





Children's Colouring Book
September 2013

To celebrate the wedding of artists John Kirby and Anne-Marie Savage, Karl contributed to a new childrens colouring book to help mark the occassion.

colouring book



Tilly's House
June 2013

Karl has released the first images of his upcoming small project. Tilly's House is an intricate playhouse made from photoetched copper. Click on the image to see more.

tillybums house



Dinner with the Duke at Royal Institute of British Architects
March 2013

Karl was shortlisted by the Construction Youth Trust for the Duke of Gloucester Award which celebrates young inidividuals in the construction industry and their professional and charitable achievements. The evening reception with the Duke of Gloucester was held an the RIBA Headquarters at Portland Place, London.


Photograph taken by Construction Youth Trust



Spring / Summer 2013 Price list now available
January 2013

The new interactive price list has been uploaded.
Please click here or go the 'Price List / Order Prints' section for more information.



Royal West of England Academy of Arts
Autumn Exhibition 2012
21st October - 30th December 2012

An edition of Dial M for Monument has been selected for the 160th Autumn Exhibition at the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol.The show runs from 21st October until 30 December. Editions are available direct from the RWA.


image above: Dial M for Monument at RWA (photo credit: Jose Garrido)


Text from RWA website:

Bringing to a close a fantastic year of exhibitions at the RWA, the Autumn Exhibition showcases the cream of painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, sculpture and architecture selected and curated by an expert panel from thousands of submitted works.

Featuring 541 works by 354 artists, all works (with the exception of those by Honorary RWA, HRH The Prince of Wales) for sale. Prices starting from just £75 make this annual show an eclectic mix of work by unknown, emerging and established artists to suit all tastes and pockets.

Promising to be bigger and better than ever before this mixed discipline show attracts art-lovers and art-buyers from far and wide – don’t miss it!


10x10 Drawing the City London - Exhibition & Auction
1st - 14th November 2012

Somerset House, London

Following last year's successful inaugural event, Article 25 have attracted a stellar line up from the worlds of architecture, art and fashion in 2012. Fashion designer Paul Smith, artists Jake & Dinos Chapman and architect Lord Norman Foster are amongst 100 esteemed participants committed to producing original artworks this year.

A host of award-winning architects will also be taking part including Ian Ritchie, David Adjaye, current RIBA President Angela Brady and London cable car designer Chris Wilkinson. They will be joined by artist Ben Johnson and design guru Sir Terence Conran, as well as historic buildings expert and TV presenter Dr. Jonathan Foyle.

In 2012 the project will focus on the West End, an area rich in British heritage and tradition which will provide inspiration for the this year’s collection.

All proceeds of the sale of the artworks will go to Article 25 projects in some of the world’s poorest countries building much needed temporary and permanent facilities in Burkina Faso, Haiti, Democratic Republic of Congo and Afghanistan.

Following the public exhibition an exclusive live auction of 25 selected pieces will take place at Somerset House at 6pm 14th November 2012. An ongoing silent auction for the remaining 75 pieces will be held throughout the exhibition and will conclude at this event. Tickets for the auction, which will include drinks and canapés, are by invitation only; if you are interested in attending the auction and bidding on the artwork please email to request a ticket.




Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2012
4th June - 12th August 2012

Dial M for Monument has been selected from over 11,000 entries into the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2012. The international exhibition runs from 4th June till 12th August 2012. Dial M for Monument is Karl's eighth piece of work to be exhibited at the Royal Academy. There are only 20 editions of the work, which will be available for purchase direct through the Royal Academy. RA Catalogue No. 1138

Text from RA website:
The world’s largest open submission contemporary art show, now in its 244th year, continues the tradition of showcasing work by both emerging and established artists in all media including painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, architecture and film.

Inside the Main Galleries, paying homage to Matisse’s The Red Studio, the Wohl Central Hall will show a vibrant display of colourful works. Gallery III, the grandest space in Burlington House, will be curated by Tess Jaray RA. Containing a large quantity of smaller work, this will demonstrate that work of a more modest scale can be as powerful as larger work. As a former teacher at the Slade School of Art, Jaray is mindful of providing a forum for established and younger artists to show their work to the public.

Other highlights will include a video room dedicated to the work of Jayne Parker and a gallery of Scottish and Irish artists arranged by Barbara Rae RA. Other artists exhibiting this year include Christopher Le Brun PRA, Michael Landy RA, Tracey Emin RA, Ken Howard RA, Raqib Shaw, Calum Innes and Keith Coventry among others.

Following on from last year’s successful BBC TWO Summer Exhibition Culture Show Special, the Royal Academy of Arts is delighted to be working with the BBC once more.


image above: Dial M for Monument (with glass dome removed)


BT Artbox for ChildLine
On display in the Royal Academy of Arts Courtyard from 18th June - 16th July 2012

Ian Ritchie Architects has been selected to design and transform a life size replica of Giles Gilbert Scott’s  classic K6 telephone box into a work of art to celebrate the 25th anniversary of ChildLine. Along with other key participating artists, the ‘ArtBoxes’ will be on display in key locations across the capital in the run up to the Olympics (18th June till 16th July) all in aid of raising up to £1 million for ChildLine at an auction at the National Portrait Gallery 18th July.

Ian Ritchie Architects team:
Ian Ritchie, Jocelyne van den Bossche, Alexandra Johns, Annamaria Csanaki, Ben Dudek, Brian Heron, Chris Russell, Gordon Swapp,  Jenna Donnachie, Jonathan Shaw, Jose Garrido, Rossa Prendergast and Karl Singporewala
Gilding Mentor: Susy Kennard

bt artbox



Royal West of England Academy - 159th Autumn Exhibition
30th October - 31st December 2011

Joseph's Leonarvilions has been selected from over 2,000 entries into the Royal West of England Academy 159th Autumn Exhibition. The exhibition runs from 30th October till 31st December 2011 and the few remaining editions of the work will be available for purchase directly from the RWA.

RWA Flickr photostream of exhibition can be seen here

Click here to visit the Royal West of England Academy Website




Royal Academy of Arts - Summer Exhibition 2011
7th June - 15th August 2011

Joseph's Leonarvilions (catalogue no.832) and The Last Tower of SIlence (catalogue no.848) have both been selected from over 12,000 entries into the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition 2011. The international exhibition runs from 7th June till 15th August 2011 and editions of the work will be available for purchase direct through the Royal Academy.

An essential part of the London art calendar, The Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition is the largest open contemporary art exhibition in the world, drawing together a wide range of new and recent work by established, unknown and emerging artists.



Click here to visit the Royal Academy of Arts Website


a glance by any other street would look as sweet
@ German Gymnasium, King's Cross, London

A one-off '2D thick' sketch of St Paul's Cathedral titled a glance by any other street would look as sweet will be exhibited and auctioned at the German Gymnasium in King's Cross for the 10x10 charity event hosted by Article 25 on 1st December 2011. 100 drawings by prominent architects and artists will form a unique showcase of British architectural heritage. All proceeds are in aid of built environment charity Article 25 and will raise crucial funds to allow improvement to the built environment in developing countries.

The Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has endorsed the event, saying: “Article 25's work to design and build shelter for people affected by natural disasters is a very welcome initiative. This latest project is a fascinating idea with some of the biggest names in architecture creating a unique snapshot of London’s landscape. I hope its focus on the City of London will encourage those working there to dig deep to raise as much money as possible in support of hard hit communities around the world.”

Other participants include Norman Foster, Kevin McCloud, Jack Pringle, Will Alsop, Norman Ackroyd and Ian Ritchie.

For further information please click here




Absorption Light Strategy
@ La Galleria, Pall Mall, London

Limited Edition of 8

An edition of Absorption Light Strategy was exhibited and sold at auction for the charity Article 25 at the 'Objects of Change' event. The exhibtion ran from 15th-19th May. Thank you for all those who attended and purchased pieces, in total nearly £50,000 was raised for the charity.

‘Objects of Change’ was a high-profile exhibition and auction of art by renowned artists and architects. Celebrating the inspirational power of sculpture, architecture and 3D art, the event raised essential funding for buildings which better the lives of some of the poorest people on Earth.

Architects and artists include:
Lord Norman Foster – Tadao Ando - Christo - Lord Richard Rogers – Sir Terence Conran - Robert Venturi & Denise Scott Brown – Tom Bloxham – Sir Professor Colin Stansfield Smith - Ben Langlands & Nikki Bell - Rafael Lozano-Hemmer – Massimilliano Fuksas - Will Alsop - Eric Owen Moss - Thomas Heatherwick – Takasaki Masaharu - Édouard François - Peter Eisenmann - Ken Shuttleworth – Chris Wilkinson - Giacomo Costa - Patrick Hughes – Professor Hans Hollein - Bjarke Ingels - Roger Mavity  - Odile Decq - John Lyall - Rob Ryan - Toyo Ito - Karl Singporewala – Peter Cook – Peter Murray – Steve Edge - Albert France-Lanord

For further information please click here






Exhibition @ The Ginger Moo
See a collection of the artist's work at the Ginger Moo Gallery, in Sussex. Editions on display and for sale include B.I.M Abstruse Abstractions and Corrgregation Canyons: Atria Étude, which was exhibited at this years Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition.

Abstruse Abstractions


Corrgregation Canyons: Atria Étude
See the designs exhibited between 14th June and 22nd August 2010 at the Royal Academy of Arts Summer Exhibition.


The Royal Academy's annual Summer Exhibition is the world’s largest open submission contemporary art exhibition. Now in its 242nd year, the exhibition continues the tradition of showcasing work by both emerging and established artists in all media including painting, sculpture, photography, printmaking, architecture and film. This year’s co-ordinators, Royal Academicians Stephen Chambers and David Chipperfield, will select works for the exhibition around the theme of ‘Raw’.


The Metropolitan Eastminster Series
Size: 800x240mm (each)
Medium: Giclée Prints on Gloss
No.# Editions: 50

Set in a portentous context – one of increasingly bleak and ominous climatological forecasts – this project, located east of the City of London in the Thames River, reconsiders the impending redundancy of the Thames Barrier to deliver an accomplished and innovative solution to all soothsayers.

The project – the result of a thorough synthesis of detailed research methods (archival, study trips to The Netherlands and external consultant consultations) and speculative drawing techniques – invests architectural ideas in the city at a strategic and infrastructural level, posing questions of scale left normally to the rationale of civil engineers. The drawing is the subject, object and site of the work articulating the project at a range of scales that zoom from 1:50,000 to 1:20 in the complex, varied and immaculately presented set of final drawings.

Text by Dr Christopher Pierce & Chris Matthews

This piece is part of the artist’s Deformation Histories thesis that was used to win the RIBA South East Student Award, the Nagoya University of Arts, Japan Excellence in Art and Design, 1st prize in Art and Architecture from visiting Professors from the Seoul National University in Korea and a Best of Show Brut Brill and Carden Award at the Brighton Art and Design Exhibition.



For further information see The Metropolitan Eastminster Series gallery page



Size: 115x115mm
Medium: Engraving on card
No.# Editions: 100


The laser engraved design Anon2 was created to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Theatre by the Lake, Keswick Cumbria.

The design follows the artist's current relationship with ornamental patternation, a design concept which is also explored in the popular Portentous Progressions Series and the Arrosto Cafe Interiors.


£50.00 per edition
includes table standing glass frame (pictured)







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